Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NASCAR Twitter InAnimate Objects Preview-Talladega

Note: @jeff_gluck, along with some of the InAnimates and I, sat down in the infield before this weeks race at Talladega. Here's a sample of the comments from a few of the Objects. These comments are strictly the opinions of the Objects who claim to have been partying, and drinking, with the fans! Thanks, Jeff for getting the gang together.

@DebriInTurn4 "I know, I know, I've been out of the loop here for a few weeks, ya think I'm happy about it. My in-box is stuffed with trash and I feel bloated. And now all I hear from Jayski is this B/S about zero cautions back in October of 2002, that wasnt all my fault ya'know."

@TheNascarGarage From Wednesday: "Now listen you objects, I know its Kyle Busch's birthday, and he's one of two drivers to win a Cup race on his birthday, but you're not havin a party with a big old greasy cake in my confines. The last time we did that in 2009, you got all that frosting on my concrete and it took all the contents of @CMS_Watertower to clean it up and he's not here this weekend. That is all!"

@The_BlackFlag "I can't believe it, the NASCAR official dropped a tube of ChapStick in the washer with me when I was being cleaned. I'm so sticky and raveled up I look like a piece of licorice. Well, I never get to fly at Talladega any way. Wait, there's that don't go below the yellow line deal here. All right, I'll see y'all on Sunday, gotta fly to the nearest dry cleaners."

@TheCatchFence "This place always worries me, especially with @keselowski running here. Ya know I never got an apology from him after 2009, and I'm still waitin to get reimbursed for all those repairs and galvaniztion applications after that Edwards deal. I won't be as flexible towards those guys the next time,, wait, there better not be a next time."

@TheMiniChad "Tom I need to pick your brain, where do you get all this info from, we could use you over there at HMS, y'know, I'll DM you." Unfortunately, I heard that Mini was let go by HMS so I guess we wont be partners there.  Note: Not sure what sparked that conversation, but it may have been the bon fire smoke, told Mini to stay away from there since he's basically card board!

@TheNASCARHauler "I tell ya, this trip to Dega was nothing, but that trip back from Richmond with six nose pieces and all those crew guys, whew, I hope the fines are huge,,WHAT, you're kiddin', no points deducted. I'm charging per mile from now on, damn it."

@FlagofCaution "I tell ya, I'm gettin real tired of the B/S about me not comin out. C'mon man, we're here to watch good racin, not wreckin. I'll tell ya, that 11 times back in April 2004 was tough, not just on me but the pit guys, they dont wanna work every time I fly. Besides, its hot out there and the sun causes me to fade, I'll stay in the flag stand if I can."

@In_CarCamera "Ya know how hard it is to swing up and look at 33 degrees in the corners and then, BAM, swing back down lookin at 16.5 degrees on the stretches? Well I do, and me and my gal, Polly Ethylene are gonna hook up before and after this race, and I mean early and often!"

@NASCAR_EFI "I like coming down here to the infield, but the damn camp fire smoke is killing me. And I know Kingsford sponsors Labonte, but have y'all ever heard of propane, cough, cough, I gotta go get some STP cleaner for the venturi's, a lil fresh air please! It's gonna be a long race!"

@The_GreenFlag "Why does everyone ask if we'll see long runs from me here, DUH, the damn place is 2.666 miles around, get out the slide rules kids, its a LONG way around every lap. Well, I plan on showing up at the start and thats it. I dont wanna see these cars, especially that nice green #88 car get all bent outta shape. We're goin green the whole race if I have anything to wave about it!"

@acheckeredflag "I know I only show up once a week, but I gotta get somethin off my flag. Lots of these other objects are braggin about arms, legs, heads, mouths, wallets, money, drinkin and all kinds of other ANIMATE abilities. Now knock it off you show offs, y'know ya aint got none of them things, stick to bein a NASCAR object and enjoy life in the inanimate fast lane. #SMDF." 

@TheOrangeCone "Hey, Tom, I work very closely w @odsteve on pit road entrance requirements for every track. I do, however, object to this orange box dude. If he shows up again I'll have to give him the #asskickinofalifetime. All right, I gotta go find @AmberAngelaCope, heard they wanna wax me up for the race!" 

 @48Horseshoe "Man, I am just heart broken, I hear Double J has sold me off to the highest bidder.  I wanna be on hand with JJ for Hendrick's number 200 win. Hey, Tom, its not that crazy cartoon network is it, please say it ain't so, man!" Um, sorry, Shoe!

@TheMini_Jimmie "I'm tellin ya, Maxi Chad and I have had a helluva time tryin to keep those damn illegal C-pillars from showing up on Ebay! And, I've been busier than a 1 legged man in an ass kickin contest, tryin to keep Mayfield outta the hauler from tryin to find a few to steal. We're talkin to Sean Peyton about some kind of bounty on that guy!"

- Compiled from Twitter

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