Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NASCAR Twitter Inanimate Objects Preview- Dover

@CarlEdwrdsteeth doesnt have much going on for Dover, but did ya ever watch the video of Carl on Live with Regis and Kelly. Poor Carl needed physical therapy cause his jaw dropped so many times while Teeth was tryin to look up Ripa's dress,, seriously. I would too Teeth. Finally, Kelly put her hand across her lap and Regis threatened to whack Teeth with Kelly's little blue flash light, or whatever that toy is.

@TheNascarGarage is all excited this week because he'll have two of those Dillon boys around for the Nationwide race. Garage says with RC's grand sons around, all the pretty ladies in their fancy dresses and hats hang out a lot more and sip on those fancy drinks. Well, sorry Gar but this aint the Derby, so dont go changin your name to Paddock any time soon OK. Besides, those "ladies" are just lookin for a sponsor as they say!

@TheCatchFence said things have been quiet in his link of the woods, but get ready to watch another round of the Hatfields & McCoys here at Dover this week. Nascar may be one big family but this feud is about to boil over on to the race track. Fence told History Channel to come down and film the race it's going to be so crazy!

@The_GreenFlag says he doesnt mind all the long runs lately in NASCAR, says it gives him more time to tweet. No kidding, have you seen GF's time line, he never stops. Well, get ready for Dover GF, things are gonna be heatin up this weekend, some drivers gotta get goin, and the restarts after caution are about to pick up. Hey, down load that Instagram app tho, and tweet a few restarts, will ya?

@NASCAR_EFI is very disoriented after 600 miles and a late night at Charlotte. Effy tweeted, he was going to bed, his ears were ringing and he had too many beers after Charlotte. Poor Effy, I think he was just sad that carburetor expert Leonard Wood is going to the Hall of Fame and certainly wont mention Effy in his HOF speech.

Apparenty @acheckeredflag was coerced in to waving at the end of the Coke 600 even though Dale Jr wasnt the winner. Well, all the gals were happy though because it was the next best thing. All the ladies were swooning over Chex for waving at Kasey Kahne as he drove by the flag stand. Chex told us this week, "I still wanna wave and then get a ride in that ol' 88 car,ya know". Lots of fans are with ya there Chex.

 @TheOrangeCone will have a relative filling in for him this week at Dover. Coney will be at his best friend's next door neighbor's aunt's college roommate's mother in law's wedding anniversary. Please RT this information!

@48Horseshoe says he's all polished up and ready to go at Dover and is expecting to get win #7 here to tie Petty and Allison on the all the all time win list at Dover. Hey, Shoe, you been around a while, did you fall outta one of those great drivers butt when they retired to jump on the Double J band wagon,, I'm just sayin'...

@TheMini_Jimmie is still pouting about not getting to meet Tim McGraw with Maxi Jimmie during the pre-race ceremonies. Mini is cool with every thing now though, because JJ gave him the white sun glasses he had to wear this week at Dover. Poor Mini, he doesnt know it's going to be overcast most of the weekend and was just trying to impress Brooklyn Decker. Sorry, Mini, but smokin hot Brook was at the race last weekend.

@TheNASCARHauler said this week if he has to take one more illegal front bumper cover in to his confines before, or after a race, he's gonna get a giant nose, similiar to those Christmas Rudolph noses, and put it on his front end and parade around the track to remind all the teams to quit gettin their noses bent outta shape,, or something like that! Hey Haulie, the Cope twins are racin this week, maybe they'll get in a lil cat fight and come over to see ya!

@The_RollBack thought it would be cute to tweet me in Latin with "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero" or, seize the day, trusting. Well, Roller, I am fluent in several languages myself, so, "Capere paucis concutiat, etiam si faciat unum te",  simply put, Seize a few wrecks, even if you have to cause one yourself.  By the way what is with the lack of hard racing boys! 

@FlagofCaution may look a little larger than normal this week at Dover. Flag was hangin with a family member, @YellowSoloCup and the gang was chowin down on fried catfish, fried potatoes and fried green tomatoes! Now, y'all know fried food isnt good for ya, but green food is the worst, what were ya thinkin'?  Oh, OK, just tryin to keep up with the Green Initiative in NASCAR.

- Compiled from Twitter

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