Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NASCAR Twitter InAnimate Object California Preview

Welcome this week to @TheNascarGarage, its normally very busy and too tired to tweet but keeps everyone involved through its good friend ReTweet. Gar has planned a huge pre-race and post race party again this week. Unfortunately its hard card and hot pass invite only. Hope to see everyone there.

@TheOrangeCone declared in "His" weekly brief, Here's my secret: *YOU* are what makes #teamorangecone as awesome as it is. Thank you all! #respect #mushy".  Coney as "he" is known was responding to all the kind remarks about "him" from his followers on Twitter.  Cone took exception to Team Just Sayin's comment as to Cone being "it". However Cone will be at "his" position at Fontana and hopefully can show "his" genetic designation without any reprisal from NASCAR.  Cone may have a rough weekend if cars enter the pits after long green flag runs with worn tires and at high speeds.

@In_CarCamera apparently had a very rough outing with Cup driver @KaseyKahne last weekend. Cam tweeted KK, "I need your address to send ya the bill? I have a cracked lens & my bracket mount is all jacked up".  :(  Now that its bracket mount swivels better than Peyton Manning's neck, Cam is ready to go for the 23rd time at Fontana since being in Jeff Gordon's winning car in the 1st race in '97. 

@TheCatchFence is on its way to California and is not at all happy. Rumors have it Fence is fighting Bruton Smiths changes to Bristol which mean possible temporary movement for fence and family. The Fence has more important issues to worry about, especially the possible multiple cautions that may occur at high speeds at Auto Club Speedway. Fence will showcase its special 2012 water based enamel paint at California due to EPA requirements.

@TheMiniChad echoed Mr Hendrick's remark after this past weeks #48 teams NASCAR appeal process, " I'm just worn out". With Maxi Chad on the pit box to stay, well for the time being, Mini is heading to Fontana. While he's on his way Mini has decided to reward himself with a new BBQ grille. Sounds like Weber Grilles has stepped on board with FireFly Vodka to help MC enjoy his BBQ's. Careful Mini, cardboard and matches dont mix, ice isnt much better either.

The @RtFrontFender took so many hits at Bristol last week, its team refused to provide any updates or preview release notes for Auto Club Speedway. However, we have been able to determine all cars will have right fronts and most will be brand new, with a few new paint schemes.

@TheNASCARHauler has indicated it is ready to bring #DaleJr's winning car back from Fontana after earning @TeamHendrick's 200th win.  Hauler made the long trip to Fontana and has said the hot asphalt was rough on the tires, plans to talk to Goodyear about a little bit harder compound. Hauler is ready for whatever and whoever Fontana brings to its confines, but has told us it agrees with Mr H,, just worn out,,especially after having @TheMiniChad staying with it the past 2 weeks. Un-welcomed house guests can do that!

 @DebriInTurn4 seems to have skipped Bristol last week. Apparently his team had some electrical issues related to wiring around refuse disposal signs, something like what Robby Gordon experienced. Deb has also informed us that due to the lack of Peanut Butter M+Ms from the #18 or Pepsi Max from the #24 in Victory Lane due to crashes, it was pleased it left the track before the race. 

@FlagofCautionmore commonly known as simply Caution, was displayed 5 times at Bristol, disrupting 49 laps and more importantly Kasey Kahne and Carl Edwards race day. Caution has said it likes Fontana better where it has flown as many as 12 times back in 2008. Cmon, Flag, I prefer the 4 times you flew, like last years race. As he heads to Fontana, Flag has already been dry cleaned, blocked and sprayed with ScotchGard water repellent as there is a slight chance of rain this weekend. Flag has been warned to use caution in the sweaty hands of NASCAR officials as they have been known to make some mistakes in judgement recently. Mini and Maxi Chad can attest to that.

@NASCAR_EFI had a scare at Bristol when media accused it of causing Robby Gordon's teams failure to make a practice run. Effy has assured us that all teams will run well with its system this weekend at Fontana. Effy is quoted as saying, "A bit nervous about this weekend. High speeds big track. Hope I don't mess up".  California has placed no emission restrictions on the system and to quote Effy, cars will run "wide open my man". Effy plans on being on pit road for a post race party and will provide chips and salsa!

@acheckeredflag was excited to wave for the 4th different driver and manufacturer at Bristol, but wasn't Chex really hoping for a #DaleJr win,  so it would possibly end up in Jr's trophy room, or even his  junk yard if the car went to DMP acres? Chex is headed to Fontana with Helton and the boys, Chex runs with the big hitters!

@The_GreenFlag is happy to be going to Fontana to see old friends and family for the 23rd time, and hopes for lots of cautions so as to be able to wave to all its relatives. Cmon, G, green is bad luck in NASCAR and cautions breed cautions, we'll get together after the race and your cousin Chex flies

- Compiled from Twitter

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