Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NASCAR Twitter Inanimate Object Las Vegas Preview

@TheOrangeCone will display its new orange/white 2012 paint scheme when it makes its 14th start this weekend at Las Vegas. "Coney" as he's known to close friends will also host a hot tub party after Sundays race, black bikini/invite only.

After a successful rookie season @TheMiniChad returns to Las Vegas to supervise the #48 team with a possible seat on the pit box! "MC" is hoping for great weather in the desert as wind and sand are not conducive to a good race for a card board celebrity!

@TheCatchFence will be making its 14th start at Las Vegas this week. Fence will be adorned in its new 2012 paint scheme,"racing silver". Fence is hoping the new reflective coating keeps him cool, as well as reminds drivers to keep all 4 wheels on the ground.

After surgery to repair a cracked lens, @In_CarCamera will be competing strong as ever again this week at Las Vegas! "Cam" has informed me its getting some Rain-X Treatment and should be ready to go this weekend. 

After causing 3 separate cautions for 14 laps at Phoenix Raceway last weekend, @DebriInTurn4 will also be making its 14th start at Las Vegas this weekend. NASCAR officials have reminded Debri to behave this weekend or it may lose its NASCAR Hard Card privileges, including access to the hot dog wrapper disposal container.

In a rare move @TheNASCARHauler has said the "ROOM of DOOM" will be held in its confines this week apparently for members of @TeamHendrick. Mr. H politely declined the invite since he is preparing for the 200th win celebration with @DaleJr in Las Vegas.

- Compiled from Twitter


  1. I'm honored to be next to theorangecone, TheMiniChad & Thecatchfence thanks .... sincerely In-CarCamera #TeamCam

  2. Nice Update's. Looking forward to mini chad "talking to himself"(or is he?) during the chief's layoff. Unless Mr H is making a deal with all the other Nascar Driver's, I don't think the #88 will fill that spot.I don't hear or see the motivation in dale Jr's interviews or driving skills of the restrictor tracks. Hmm? Maybe I'm right, or Mr.H knows something I don't know. :) anyways, good luck to all drivers in 2012!

  3. Thank you for the mention. I was very surprised not to see any @Subway wrappers at the @ Subway500. That would'be there water boil.