Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NASCAR Twitter InAnimate Object Bristol Preview

@TheOrangeCone took a vicious hit last week from the #18 @RtFrontFender in Las Vegas and has said it seems to be suffering major affects of racers rheumatism. On the advice of former crew chief Ray Evernham, @Skiprec, Cone is using "white lightning" both internally and externally and should be good to go at Bristol. Former ESPN sound and tweet expert @ttiana seemed to approve of the treatment. Hope you're feeling better, Coney.

@In_CarCamera extended it's sponsorship agreement with Oakley lenses along with the JGR team last week. Cam enjoyed an accident free weekend, and is preparing for a rough and tumble weekend at Bristol. It is not expected to need RAIN-EX again this weekend, however photo-grey lenses will go into affect.

@TheCatchfence had an uneventful race at Las Vegas. After a very long week of trivia contests, Catchy had final adjustments made by NASCAR come-along tools in a final tune up for Bristol. Fence is expected to be very busy at Bristol and has already made an appointment with its link dresser for color touchup immediately following Sunday's Cup event.

@TheMiniChad "MC" has been very quiet this week preparing for a possible seat on the pit box at Bristol. @Speed and @RaceHub superstar, @SteveByrnes12 proclaimed to me this week in a tweet, "no brainer" in regards to my question as to "MC" possibly being on the pit box this weekend. As it turns out the penalties were upheld, Hendrick will take the appeal to the chief appellate officer and Maxi Chad will be on the box at Bristol.

The @RtFrontFender has sent apologies to "Coney" as it's known in inanimate circles, indicating, "Sorry about the dust up yesterday. I just go where Shrub sends me". Since Mark Martin and DaleJr made up, it seems the "fender" is all good from Cups teams and is ready to beat and bang this weekend at Bristol. "Righty" will be making its 103rd consecutive race start this week at Bristol.

@TheNASCARHauler After apparently boycotting the Las Vegas hauler parade, Hauler made the trip back to North Carolina with a few guests, the #11 car and the #14 car, winners from the west coast run. Hauler said they were polite house guests, but doesnt expect to see them on the trip back from Bristol and has adorned its interior with a Mountain Dew/National Guard theme for #DaleJr's cars! Apparently Hauler is trying to reach 2000 followers, but unfortunately thinks its the cars behind on the highway. Hauler was delayed from heading to Bristol after being kept outside the gate at the R+D Center while the appeal process was going on Tuesday morning.

As usual, @DebriInTurn4 couldnt stay in the stands as Helton suggested and jumped out on track 3 times in Vegas disrupting 11 laps. After returning to Charlotte, Debris was also seen swirling hot dog wrappers around the media "stakeout" with @JennaFryer in support of its friend @TheMiniChad. Sheet metals sales are expected to soar after this weeks race at Bristol, and Debri has stated many times, It is not involved in insider trading or price fixing on metals futures.

@FlagofCaution flew 8 times at Vegas, disrupting 33 laps. Prior to this week at Bristol, Flag has been seen in the gym preparing for a busy weekend. In the past, 'Ol Yellow has flown as many as 20 times at Bristol, most recently 8/23/2003. In years past teams would empower sponsors such as Mellow Yellow, in hopes of calming Flag,, it never worked.

After a long wait on HOLLEY.Inc shelf's, @NASCAR_EFI made it's debut this year in the  Daytona 500. "Effy" is looking to make it's 1st start on a short track and has told I'm Just Sayin'  there will be no problems with banking, fuel pickup or pressure on restarts at Bristol. "Effy" also confided to I'm Just Sayin' staff that a possible sponsor deal may be in the works involving @keselowski as a personal sponsor. 

- Compiled from Twitter

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