Friday, May 24, 2013

Unique Trophy For HISTORY 300 That Honors NASCAR’s Storied Past

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When drivers take to the track for the NASCAR Nationwide Series HISTORY 300 on Saturday, May 25, they’ll be racing for more than just the bragging rights that come with winning at NASCAR’s home track. Rick Dale of HISTORY’s American Restoration has designed a one-of-a-kind trophy that will be awarded to the winner of the 300-mile race.

As last year’s Honorary Starter for the HISTORY 300, Dale awarded the trophy to the 2012 winner, Brad Keselowski, who mentioned that Dale should have designed the trophy as well. With Charlotte Motor Speedway’s blessing, Dale embraced the challenge and designed 2013’s HISTORY 300 trophy with a reverence for racing and its history.

"If winning isn’t enough motivation, drivers now have even more reason to put on a great show for fans at the HISTORY 300," said Marcus Smith, president and general manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway. "The winner gets a unique trophy that not only pays tribute to the history of our great sport, but will also look great in any driver’s trophy case."

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A 1940 Ford Coupe steering wheel, representing the beginning of stock car racing, forms the centerpiece of the trophy. Two gas pump nozzles from a 1936 North Carolina highway gas station, notoriously frequented by moonshine runners, provide the frame. A Custer Car drive gear completes the design, symbolizing the first go-kart a child builds when dreaming about becoming a race car driver.

Owner of Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas, Nev., Dale is an expert when it comes to restoring any classic object to its original state. From a 1960s three-wheeled golf cart to an antique Hershey’s candy dispenser, Dale and his staff painstakingly restore objects from history’s past to precise original detail.

"As a fan of NASCAR and racing, I’m thrilled to put my own ‘American Restoration’ spin on this trophy for the HISTORY 300," said Dale. "I’m honored to be part of this exciting race for the second year in a row."

- NASCAR Media

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