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Merry Christmas from The Dignans

The Holiday Times

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   OAK LAWN ­__ The Dignan’s have had another exciting year in 2011.  Marcy is doing well, although her back still gives her problems from time to time. She still goes to therapy a few days a week. Her biggest challenge is taking care of her Mom who turned 86 this year. Bette spent a little time in assisted care for a recent fall that took its toll on her, but now says we all need to get over to Dine and Sign for the holidays.  Marcy and Tom get over to Stadium Club for lunch on Thursday’s, join them if you’re in the area! Marcy still loves sudoku and her lap top computer, she’s on Facebook as Marcy Ryan Dignan. August 3rd  was the Dignan’s 37th  wedding anniversary! Time flies!!

Jake and Papa, Thanksgiving
  Tom is doing fine and is enjoying being retired from the Teamsters and Ford, although he is looking for another job. He spends time in Long Beach and lots of time in the gardens at both houses. He still constantly updates fans of Nascar on the social media pages of Facebook/Tom Dignan Sr and Twitter @TomDignanSr, and has added an internet blog, covering mostly racing,

Papa and Jake at the race track
A lot of his time is spent with right hand man, grandson Jake. He’s still in great health as proven by his recent cardio checkup and ability to get in and out of a race car. Jake was right with him the entire time at the race track and wanted to go in the car with him.

It’ll be 3 years in January since his Mom has been gone and 13 since his Dad passed away.

Molly, Maggie and Matt

Tom Jr. and Eileen are doing well also. Tom is still teaching English at Riverside-Brookfield and coached the sophomore  football team this year. He doesn’t get to sing as much as he used to.

Tom's family keeps him real busy. Molly is 7 and started 1st grade, Matt is 5 and in pre-school and Maggie is 2 and a ½.  Molly and Matt love being in all the sports programs and were active in soccer, t-ball and softball.


Haley and Mike

Mike and Haley live in Virginia and Mike is still with the Air Force at Andrews Air Force base. He is still assigned to the Dept. of Defense and leads the communications team for Defense Secretary Panetta. He gets to travel extensively around the world, which takes him away from the family all the time. Liam and Jack keep the two of them real busy also!

Jack and Liam

Liam is 8 and keeps little brother Jack , 2 and a ½ years old, entertained. Mike’s other kids, Bailey and Kyleigh still live in Alaska on a military base with their Mom and step sister Drew.

Taylor, Sandy, Shawn, Robb and Jack
Shawn and Robb still live in DePere and work together as managers for a company that manages group homes for adults with disabilities. They try to come in to Chicago for visits as often as possible, but school and the jobs don’t always allow it. We’re looking forward to seeing them at Christmas this year for the whole week. Robb's Mom was able to come in for Laura's wedding also in July!

Taylor and Jack
Taylor is 9, loves being in 4th grade learning cursive writing and math and has been taking tennis lessons. Jack is 2 and a ½ years old and is up and running around constantly and spends his days in day care.

Brian, Laura and Jake
 Laura and Brian got married in July and the family was all together for the reception at Beverly Country Club. Their home in Alsip has been the site of many parties. Laura’s back still gives her problems and has just had a 3rd surgery to remove the “bolts” from her back. She’s resting now and getting ready for her 1st Christmas in her new home. Jake is in day care 3 days a week and loves it. Brian is still at Little Company hospital working in  ICU.


The event was the highlight of the summer with Laura's 4 year old son, Jake, as the ring bearer in his tuxedo.

Yes, these are all our grand kids!!
The family had a great summer, and was able to spend a week together again in Long Beach on July 4th. The highlight again for the week was all the friends and relatives who stop by the “Sam House”, nicknamed by Taylor because of the life size Uncle Sam that sings and dances. Of course the wedding July 8th was a resounding success after all the long months of preparation. In October we spent a week at Disney World Old Key West resort and toured Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Yes, those are all the grand kids!

No doors, Tom had to climb in the race car!
As a special Christmas and Birthday gift from the kids,Tom was able to drive a NASCAR race car at Orlando Speedway while in Florida in October. Having been to Disney before, he said racing the car was the best part of the vacation. Jake said he did better in the little go carts himself, though!

Jake, Laura and Tom

After speeding around the track in a Richard Petty NASCAR race car at 124 mph for 10 laps, Tom still has a huge smile on his face. The kids said it was the best gift they ever gave their Dad!

We are now looking forward to quality time with our wonderful family and great friends over the holidays. Please send us an e-mail to keep in touch, or, we always love to hear from everyone. We would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Marcy and Tom

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