Friday, December 2, 2011

2011 NASCAR After The Lap: Top-10 List

The 2011 top-12 NASCAR Sprint Cup SeriesTM drivers held nothing back today at the third annual, fan-favorite NASCAR After The Lap held at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and sponsored by Coca-Cola and Ford. ESPN pit road reporter Jamie Little hosted the event along with co-host Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo.

A list of the top-10 unfiltered, driver “tell-all” comments are outlined below.

Top-10 List
Number 1· Ryan Newman was asked if he purchased his boss (2011 Champion Tony Stewart) anything special after winning the championship.
· “No!”
· Jamie Little followed with “Ryan, you told me earlier there was a waxing appointment but that no appointment was long enough to cover Tony’s needs.”

Number 2· Question for Kyle Busch: “Kyle, we hear your wife cooked her first Thanksgiving this year…How did she do?”
· Response: “It was good. That’s what she said.”

Number 3· Comment from host Little: “There are a lot of single women in Vegas.”
· Response from Stewart: “Why do you think I’m just happy to be here?”

Number 4
After comments about brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch dressing alike and being confused for each other, Kurt Busch responded:
· “When the fine comes in the mail, they know how to spell our name right.”

Number 5· Question: What if Delana Harvick (wife of Kevin Harvick) showed up (to the race) without a fire suit?
· Special guest and Blue Comedy Tour comedian Bill Engvall responded: “We talking no suit at all? Cus, that would be awesome.”
· Harvick followed with “If she walked out without a fire suit and I missed the race, you’d know why.”
· “At least for the first 10 laps…” said Matt Kenseth.

Number 6· Earnhardt Jr. was asked about his future wife…
· “Yea, she’s real,” said Earnhardt Jr.
· “Not real’s a blow-up doll.” Engvall
· Little asked if she was a blonde.
· “She’s like Snooki … he hasn’t noticed,” said Gordon. Earlier in the show, Stewart had commented that “For the first three episodes, I didn’t even know Snooki had a head.”

Number 7· Stewart was positioned in a chair next to Little who was standing nearby. “Why do you think she sat me next to her? Always sit the fat kid next to the tall girl.”

Number 8· Kurt Busch noted that he was “camera shy. I think the best form of communication is cussing.”

Number 9· “I felt uncomfortable today for the first time in a long time because I was changing next to Carl.” Stewart
· “You’ll always have me beat with that back hair.” Carl Edwards
· “Hey, I’m out here working hard to represent all fat kids.” Stewart

Number 10· Four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Jeff Gordon break dancing for fans at NASCAR After The Lap.


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