Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Update on Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Jr Update from Kelley Earnhardt Miller
Just wanted to update you guys, the most loyal group of Dale Jr fans and friends!

Dale has been following the doctor's orders to rest up.  The doctor did relax his orders a little last week and allowed him to watch some television and play a little video games. He's not suppose to "stress" his brain, LOL.  He spent the weekend at home doing just that.  He did watch the race and was bummed with the engine blowing on the 88.  On Sunday, our cousin was married on Dale's property (at the old town) and he did come down to the ceremony but quickly retreated back to his house after the ceremony was over.   We spent the day Tuesday in Pittsburgh at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with a great team of doctors led by Mickey Collins.  This facility is part of the Steelers training facility for all you Steelers fans.  It was pretty cool.  Dale spent most of the day doing different therapies and exercises.  When he was done, the doctors, Dale, Amy and myself grabbed a quick lunch in the Steelers cafeteria (we had been up since 530 am and starving by this point!) and went on a quick tour of their facility including the locker rooms.  It was the players day off, but a few of them were there that were injured or doing extra training.  We met Ike Taylor...and he was really nice.  We got back yesterday afternoon and Dale has some different therapies to do at home as he consults with the doctors each day.  If all goes according to plan, and he continues to improve to 100%,  he will test a race car early next week to be cleared for Martinsville.  This has definitely been a eye opening experience and one that I hope we don't revisit in his career.  The outpouring of support has been great, and well, the criticism, you can learn from that as well.  The support has far outweighed the criticism and for that we are gr88tful.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Jr Nation Rocks.


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