Monday, October 22, 2012

NASCAR This Week on ESPN

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Martinsville
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will compete on the only short track in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Martinsville Speedway, on Sunday, Oct. 28, and ESPN will have a live telecast of the 500-lap race. NASCAR Countdown airs at 1 p.m. ET with the race’s green flag at 2:01 p.m. All NASCAR programming on ESPN and ESPN2 is also available on computers, smartphones and tablets with the WatchESPN app and

Booth: Lap-by-Lap announcer Allen Bestwick; analysts Dale Jarrett, Andy Petree.
Pit reporters: Dave Burns, Jamie Little, Mike Massaro, Dr. Jerry Punch.
NASCAR Countdown: Nicole Briscoe (host); Rusty Wallace, Ray Evernham, Brad Daugherty (analysts).

NASCAR Now Schedule
ESPN2’s daily NASCAR news and information program NASCAR Now will preview the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville Speedway in the one-hour edition airing Sunday, Oct. 28, at 8 a.m. ET. Host Marty Reid will be joined in the studio by ESPN NASCAR analyst Ricky Craven with reporters Shannon Spake and Jim Noble at the track. Reid and Craven will review the race Sunday night at 11 p.m. Thursday’s program at 3 p.m. will feature a tribute to NASCAR Hall of Fame member Junior Johnson. The week’s schedule:

Date Time        Show                 Host        Network

Mon., Oct. 22 3 p.m.     NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2
Tue., Oct. 23 3:30 p.m.    NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2 
Wed., Oct. 24 3 p.m.     NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2 
Thu., Oct. 25 3 p.m.     NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2
Fri., Oct. 26 3:30 p.m.    NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2
Sun., Oct. 28 8:30 a.m.    NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2
Sun., Oct. 28 11 p.m.     NASCAR Now Marty Reid ESPN2

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  1. I wanted to suggest this information for your evaluation. When Kyle Bush took out Ron Hornaday, As I recall taking away his championship hopes. Nascar grounded Kyle Bush for either 2 or 3 weeks...along with anger management classes?
    I have watched Nascar since it was on tv in black and white. What I saw today was Jeff Gordon acting like a spoiled child who can't win at some game. I remember many great drivers who are now dead or injured to a point that they never have driven since. Most of these were racing accidents. When a driver uses his car to is the same as wildly pointing a loaded gun at not just one driver...but many drivers and even spectators in the stands.
    If I was Nascar.....I would fine Jeff Gordon $3 Million dollars and take away all of his points for the season, putting him in last place and not allowing him to race and ground him until February 2013.
    I have watch you race and Jeff Gordon race since you both began. What Jeff did today set the Nascar sport back in the minds of Viewers. He displayed an image of NASCAR unfitting and damaging. Just because Jeff....can't win like the #48 team does, doesn't gives him not right to take it out on any driver or the sport.
    If NASCAR on Tuesday doesn't announce the most serious fine and punishment ever recorded, then all supporters of the sport will see the bias and special treatment that Jeff has had many times in his career.
    I no longer consider #24 a champion. He is a sore loser and spoiled brat....who could have killed someone today....then said, I had a tire go down and lost control when I hit the #15. I am sicked by his actions and the damage he has done to a progressive auto sport. I saw nothing that the other driver did that warranted retaliation or endangering peoples lives. If Gordon want to be so tuff.....Challenge #15 to a fist fight with gloves....or I could say a Dueling match with guns. But then killing someone would be as stupid as what Gordon did today. J.M.H.O. Feel free to use my opinion on any of your programing.